15" Camel Closing Laptop Sleeve


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  • Dimensions : Longueur 36 cm - Profondeur 2 cm - Hauteur 25,5 cm
  • Convient à tout ordinateur de 15 pouces (hormis l'ancien Macbook Pro, model 2012-2015 qui ne convient pas parfaitement)
  • Color: Camel
  • Material: Natural leather and vegetable dyes (no chemicals), lining: 100% organic cotton
  • Made in: Kolkata (India) by an artisan from the STC factory.
  • Care: Try to avoid heavy showers, the leather is permeable and can never be completely waterproof. You can use a natural weather balm.

O My Bag

O MY BAG is an Amsterdam-based brand that makes durable and ethical leather bags and accessories for men and women.

Eco-responsible products that combine style with core values such as creating a positive impact in the world.

O My Bag supports a village of craftsmen in India. Together they create unique pieces, made of vegetable-dyed leather, respectful of the environment.

O MY BAG is committed to supporting developing countries by offering them fairly-paid employment opportunities, safe working conditions, equal opportunities and respect for the environment.

O MY BAG is committed to its craftsmen, by subsidising associative projects such as financing education for the children of the craftsmen, or other actions that have a positive impact in the villages.

All O MY BAG factories are SA8000 certified and member of EMA which guarantee fair working conditions worldwide.

O My Bag


Created in 2002, it is an international label that applies to organic textiles. The GOTS label is managed and issued by the Global Matière biologique Textile Standard (GOTS).

GOTS was born from four other international labels: theMatière biologique Trade Association, the JOCA, the International Association of Natural Textile Industry and the Japan Matière biologique Coton Association. Two other national labels, the IVN Naturtextil and the Soil Association, were added to the four previous ones.

A textile product with the GOTS label is a product whose manufacture respects ecological standards and the use of organic cotton. The GOTS label also attests to standards of social responsibility. Although it is above all, a guarantee of quality for the product.

GOTS - Certifications - Klow

The O My Bag brand produces its eco-responsible bags in the factory(ies) below:

STC Factory

🇮🇳 India, Asia

The STC family business has approximately 500 employees, all of whom have access to health care and social benefits such as pension funds.

O My Bag began working with STC in 2015 and today they are responsible for a large part of the production of the brand's classic leather bags.O My Bag was the first brand for which STC produced a sustainable leather line.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • SA8000 certified
O My Bag - Production - Klow


EMA Factory

🇮🇳 India, Asia

The EMA Factory, located in India, has many areas to make working conditions as pleasant as possible, such as a quiet garden full of trees and flowers, a vegetable garden that provides fresh herbs and vegetables that are used for lunch.

The plant employs particularly disadvantaged people. Their workers are artisans, farmers, labourers and weavers who benefit from sustainable livelihoods by producing various types of fair trade products, including O My Bags.

A former factory worker has set up a sewing workshop for women in his village who want to find work. Today his women make the "dustbags" of O My Bag.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • Works with Equitable Marketing Association (EMA) since 2010
  • Guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)
  • Employees benefit from vocational training, health insurance and social benefits such as maternity leave and a freshly prepared lunch every day.
O My Bag - Production - Klow


Springfield Factory

🇮🇳 India, Asia

Created in 2002, the Springfield Factory has been a partner of O My Bag since 2014. The employees share the same values as the brand and want to produce bags that are not only of amazing quality, but also produced in a fair way.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • Employees are provided with health and accident insurance.
  • They also benefit from social security schemes such as pension or unemployment funds.
  • Women are entitled to equal pay and maternity leave.
  • Use of low-energy light bulbs to reduce electricity consumption
  • Recycling of plant waste
  • Use of water sparingly
O My Bag - Production - Klow


Mapletree Factory

🇮🇳 India, Asia

Mapletree Factory was founded by Prithiijit and his friend Dharmesh with the idea of becoming a leather goods manufacturer working on durability and quality rather than high volumes.

In the leather bag industry, women work mainly in the assembly unit or in the inspection and packaging department. But not at Mapletree, the factory wants to give women a chance to do more than that, so it runs an internal programme to train women workers to become production managers and/or craftswomen who can work on their industrial sewing machines.

Prithiijit's dream is to see a factory run entirely by women by 2021.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • Employees benefit from an annual health check-up
  • The plant employs 120 full-time staff, 25% of whom are women and 5% are adults with disabilities.
O My Bag - Production - Klow


Freeset Global Factory

🇮🇳 India, Asia

The Freeset Global factory is an organisation that offers women in difficult situations training adapted to their new job. This enables them to acquire the skills they need to find their way and make the most of their freedom.

In 2018, O My Bag supported The Cup, a café owned by Freeset. Its goal is to be a safe space for women to establish healthy relationships, develop a supportive community and have confidence in a better future.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • The salary is twice as high for the same work in another factory...
  • All employees benefit from health insurance and a pension plan.
  • The Freeset Trust offers courses in literacy, childcare, budgeting and debt management.
O My Bag - Production - Klow


Sheong Shi Tannery

🇮🇳 India, Asia

The tannery, located in Calcutta, India, has been working with O My Bag since 2010. The owners of the tannery promote the idea of being able to improve and develop the use of eco-friendly leathers. Eco-leather tanning consists of a combination of synthetic tanning agents and natural plant extracts.

The founders of the plant, built a water tank to collect rainwater during the monsoon, they use the wind as natural ventilation and they developed a system that allows to use a single motor to energize several machines at the same time.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • Own primary wastewater treatment plant
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Supply of hides within 100 kilometres to minimize carbon footprint
  • Eco-leather tanning process
  • The leathers are tested by SGS, an independent inspection agency, to ensure they meet sustainable standards.
  • Equal pay
  • Taking care of the education of employees' children
O My Bag - Production - Klow


Tannery Conceria Nuova Grenoble

🇮🇳 India, Asia

O My Bag has been working with the tannery Concercia Nuova Grenoble, located in Tuscany, Italy, since 2016. This family tannery respects traditional know-how and the protection of the environment.

The quatlity of the natural oils used for tanning ensures that the beauty, shine, softness and longevity of the leather are always preserved.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • Use of vegetable tannins
  • Recovery and management of waste in order to reuse and recycle production substances.
O My Bag - Production - Klow

This item is sent by O MY BAG

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