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  • Couleur : Noir / Blanc
  • La partie supérieure est faite à partir de cuir et de canva, le logo en Jersey (33% coton bio et 67% polyester recyclé), l'intérieur à partir de matières synthétiques, la semelle à partir de matériaux provenant de la forêt d'Amazonie (20%). 
  • Made in: Porto Alegre, Brésil (Production éthique et sociale).
  • Entretien :  Avant d'utiliser vos chaussures pour la première fois, nous vous recommandons de les imperméabiliser régulièrement. Les modèles en tissus doivent être brossés avec de l'eau et du savon. Ne pas les laver à la machine car les détails cuir se détacheront.


Veja is the most popular brand of eco-friendly sneakers in the world!

Created in 2005 by two Frenchmen, Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, friends since childhood, Veja is one of the pioneering eco-responsible brands in the textile industry.

The vision of its founders is revolutionary, they have since the creation thought to design ecological and ethical sneakers based on values of transparency and traceability of raw materials.

Veja, is committed to making ecological footwear, using raw materials from organic and agro-ecological agriculture, produced in a short circuit in Brazil, the country at the heart of Sébastien and François. They collaborate with the same craftsmen, farmers and manufacturers since their beginning in order to have a positive social impact on the peoples of Amazonia.

It's impossible to imagine Klow without VEJA, with whom we share not only the idea of making sustainability a standard, but also raising awareness about buying eco-responsible clothing. "Sneakers that respect people, produced in dignified conditions, in direct consultation with producers' associations and manufacturers.


The French brand Veja produces its eco-responsible sneakers in the factory(ies) below:

Veja's partner factory

🇧🇷 Brazil , South America

Veja's eco-responsible sneakers are made in Brazil in the outskirts of the city of Porto Alegre. The factory is not yet certified but Veja ensures that the factory respects its ethical and ecological vision. Veja has had its charter of good conduct signed at the factory, and Veja ensures regular audits through its visits and external service providers such as Flocert.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • Use of the vegetable tanning process
  • Use of organic cotton
  • use of rubber/natural rubber(lle)
  • Respect for the rights of the International Labour Organization
  • Employees contribute between 7 and 11% of their salary for unemployment and retirement.
  • Le salaire moyen de l'usine correspond à 140% du salaire minimum du Brésil soit 265€/mois
Veja - Production - Klow

This article is sent by Klow, from Paris, FR

Eco-responsible materials

At Klow, we focus on the choice of raw materials used by our partner brands in order to offer you the best eco-friendly clothing in our e-shop. We select exclusively ecological materials, from sustainable agriculture or recycling, designed to last, respecting nature and people.

Our commitments

  • Respect of the environment

    We only offer you clothes designed in an sustainable way, in order to help you consume sustainably. Our clothes are made from environmentally friendly materials such as organic, recycled or natural fibres.

  • Ethics

    We attach great importance to the working conditions and fair remuneration of workers and craftsmen. All clothes sold on Klow are either produced in Europe - in accordance with European labour law - or can justify Fair Trade labels.

  • Transparency

    Each of our garments is chosen with great care during a transparency audit, based on precise criteria that meet our sustainability charter. We categorically refuse brands and clothing that are not in line with our ethical and ecological standards.

What are labels used for in the textile industry?

On Klow, to select our brands, we set up a transparency audit, which favours the use of organic or fair trade labels. Discover the list of the labels to privilege and how at Klow, we rely on labels to select organic, ethical and responsible clothes sold on our e-shop!

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