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  • Color: White Cream / Grey Blue
  • Material: Chrome-free leather upper (cream color) , handwoven fabric (Cotton/Polyester)
  • Made in: Vietnam (Commerce équitable & Engagement social Production)
  • Care: Before you wear the shoes for the first time, we advise you to waterproof your shoes and to repeat this operation regularly. Concerning the canvas models: the canvas can be brushed with cold water and soap, please avoid to wash them in the machine otherwise the leather inserts will rub off on the canvas.

It is in Vietnam that N'GO is inspired to create their new collections of eco-friendly sneakers. Using the traditional craftsmanship of local ethnic minority artisans, these sneakers are all hand-woven.

Each pair is unique, but also repairable because N'GO offers a second-hand service. For each pair of sneakers purchased, a portion is donated to the NGO Sao Bien, which builds schools to educate children in marginalized villages in northern Vietnam.

Yet another idea that Klow supports and that supports the positioning of the brand in ethical fashion. The perfect piece to match with our eco-responsible clothing brands.


The Ngo Shoes brand produces its eco-responsible shoes in the factory(ies) below:

Cooperative partners

🇻🇳 Vietnam, Asia

Since 2016, N'go Shoes has been working with Vietnamese craftswomen from the White Thai ethnic minorities to make their fabrics. The founders of the brand are regulars of the country since they live there part-time. This allows the brand to develop a network of craftswomen throughout Vietnam by collaborating with this type of cooperatives without intermediaries. The goal is thus to have a real economic and Engagement social positive impact in several Vietnamese communities. The craftswomen are remunerated by the meter, i.e. approximately 8€/m (this can vary according to the difficulty of making the fabric pattern). Moreover, N'go commits not to negotiate the price of the fabric according to the quantity ordered. The brand does not wish to communicate the name of the factory for competitive reasons.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • Audited and certified in 2017 by Bureau Veritas Engagement social
  • SATRA certified
  • LWG certified



This article is sent by Klow, from Paris, FR

Eco-responsible materials

At Klow, we focus on the choice of raw materials used by our partner brands in order to offer you the best eco-friendly clothing in our e-shop. We select exclusively ecological materials, from sustainable agriculture or recycling, designed to last, respecting nature and people.

Our commitments

  • Respect of the environment

    We only offer you clothes designed in an sustainable way, in order to help you consume sustainably. Our clothes are made from environmentally friendly materials such as organic, recycled or natural fibres.

  • Ethics

    We attach great importance to the working conditions and fair remuneration of workers and craftsmen. All clothes sold on Klow are either produced in Europe - in accordance with European labour law - or can justify Fair Trade labels.

  • Transparency

    Each of our garments is chosen with great care during a transparency audit, based on precise criteria that meet our sustainability charter. We categorically refuse brands and clothing that are not in line with our ethical and ecological standards.

What are labels used for in the textile industry?

On Klow, to select our brands, we set up a transparency audit, which favours the use of organic or fair trade labels. Discover the list of the labels to privilege and how at Klow, we rely on labels to select organic, ethical and responsible clothes sold on our e-shop!

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