About us

Promoting eco-responsible fashion

Because we sincerely believe that we don't have to compromise between style and respect for the planet, we offer on our e-shop, a wide choice of eco-responsible clothing and accessories for men and women. They combine ecological materials, aesthetics and ethics. All of our clothes are made by committed brands, actors of change in the textile industry. These fashion brands finally reconcile our wardrobes with our values. Our mission is to guide you, inform you and give voice to our partner brands and designers in order to change our vision of fashion. We wish to promote a new way of consuming, more conscious, more respectful of the planet and of men.

Reducing our footprint on the planet

We offer quality and timeless pieces that are destined to last over time, far from the ephemeral nature of today's fashion industry. All the products that we offer you in our e-shop are sustainable, made from ecological materials such as recycled fibers, vegetable or natural fibers such as organic cotton, Tencel, Linen, Hemp... The objective is to offer you only clothes designed in an eco-responsible way, to help you to consume sustainably.

A strict selection

And because we can't just be concerned about the environment and forget about the fair and ethical treatment of people, we attach great importance to the conditions under which the parts are manufactured. All the brands we collaborate with produce their collections with respect and fair remuneration for their workers and craftsmen. To guarantee the good treatment of employees, all the clothes sold on Klow, are either produced in Europe - in accordance with European labour law -, or can justify "fair trade" labels, provided by private auditing bodies such as FairWear Foundation or Fair trade for example.

We audit every brand, every garment

To ensure that we offer you the best eco-responsible brands in our catalogue, these are chosen with the greatest care during an audit based on precise criteria that meet our sustainability charter (Ecological materials, manufacturing conditions, respect for workers, etc.). We put transparency at the heart of our approach and the choice of our partners. We categorically refuse brands that do not meet this requirement and our ethical and ecological standards.

Every small action makes a huge difference, join us in our mission and be a change agent too.