Our story

Before creating Klow, we had already been very concerned about the way we choose our clothes for a few years. As consumers, we started looking for fashion brands that met our expectations in terms of ethics and style.


If vintage has always seemed to us a logical and ecological choice, we also sometimes needed something new. And we quickly realized that our desire to consume "responsible" fashion was a headache.

We would spend hours trying to find new fashion brands that would be both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly in their production methods.
We know how frustrating this exercise can be, nowadays too many brands claim to be responsible and it is not always easy to recognize which brands are really rigorous and which ones mainly use the environment as a marketing trend.


It was while doing this research work that the idea of creating Klow became obvious to us. A platform that would answer the questions that consumers ask themselves when looking for beautiful, sustainable and eco-responsible clothing:

Which brands to choose? What does ethical production really mean? Ecological materials, yes, but which ones? Where to find brands that look like us in terms of style?

We dreamed of an honest and sincere shop. An intermediary between brands and consumers who would pre-select fashion brands on the basis of their concrete commitments.
The solution didn't exist yet, so we decided to launch
Klow with the aim of democratizing sustainable and eco-responsible fashion.

Our concept is to help you find and choose the clothes that correspond to your values and tastes. We fight against green-washing and lack of transparency, presenting you only what we consider to be true committed brands.

We select and filter the brands based on environmental and ethical criteria to help you find eco-responsible fashion brands that suit you. Of course, as a fashion boutique, style is also an important selection criterion for us. Klow is more than just an e-commerce platform, it's a community and a media that also has the mission to guide, inform and give voice to brands and designers who actively participate in the evolution of the fashion industry by reconciling the art of clothing with respect for the environment.


We always like to hear from you! If you would like to share your recommendations or feedback, please feel free to write to us.

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