Insecta Shoes

Insecta Shoes is a Brazilian brand that has fun hijacking vintage clothing patterns on their eco-responsible shoes. They use the technique of up-cycling in order to reuse and revalorize raw materials destined to destruction. The abundance of creativity that emanates from this brand allows them to create unique models and designs.

At Insecta, no waste, all the scraps from their production are reused to make the next pairs! And of course all their suppliers are local, in Brazil.

In addition to an ethical and eco-responsible dimension, Insecta Shoes is also committed to issues such as equality and the LGBTQ+ cause. They thus offer all their pairs of shoes in unisex, in order to propose to everyone to wear the fashion that suits them.

Insecta's mission is to raise awareness and inform people on subjects such as sustainability, ecological consumption, waste reduction and social issues that concern our generation.

A state of mind that corresponds perfectly to that of Klow, and we are particularly proud to sell this brand, exclusively in Europe.

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