Our Manifesto


Klow was born on the roads of the world,
This journey has led us to understand the real issues of our environment.
We are a community of citizens seeking sustainable lifestyles.

Our life values are based on authenticity, simplicity and commitment.
It represents who we are and what we want to share with the world.
Klow means "Keep Low", it means "reduce", its consumption, its pace of life, its footprint, through more conscious and sustainable choices .

We are a brand, a group of friends, partners, neighbours, citizens, for whom change is not just a big word, but concrete actions.
We promote products made with commitment and simplicity by humans, that respect the environment and our health.

Klow is a concept based on authentic people, and for individuals who wish to adopt an authentic lifestyle to their values.

Here, we don't follow trends that last for two weeks... We offer you clothes with style, but that will survive ephemeral trends .

All the products sold on Klow are made with respect for the environment, for people and for our health.

For us, Klow is an opportunity to discover a better world based on respect for individuals and the right to nature.

We hope that like us, you will be inspired to slow down the pace and cherish every object.

Our devotion comes from nature.
Our inspiration comes from Mankind.
We are a community of explorers.
We are Klow.


Find our articles on slow fashion and consumption methods here.


We always like to hear from you,&NoBreakingSpace; write to us!

Are you discovering eco-responsible fashion?

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