Recycle your clothes and receive Klow vouchers

Recycling clothes is a good way to reduce our environmental footprint in addition to wearing eco-friendly clothes. Recycling reduces the amount of energy and water used in the production of new clothes. So with this in mind, we have partnered in 2019 with Redonner who are committed to clothing recycling. We explain how to recycle your clothes and help you join a circular economy.

Why recycle my clothes?

Starting from the simple fact that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry and in a dynamic to commit ourselves as an actor of ethical fashion, we are constantly looking for new eco responsible solutions. 

Clothing recycling

Where to throw away your old clothes ? How to recycle clothes? These are questions that we have asked ourselves and that are important to put forward to mitigate the consequences of fast fashion on our planet. One of the most ecological ways to get rid of clothes that are no longer needed is to recycle them.

How to recycle clothes with Klow and Redonner?

Entrust your old clothes to Redonner, whatever their condition, and they will take care of recycling, transforming or sorting them. In fact, each item of clothing collected is integrated into the Eco TLC labelled sorting and recycling system, which guarantees a reuse and recycling rate of over 90%.

This collaboration allows our customers to become even more committed consumers thanks to the recycling of clothing in exchange for points. These points allow you to benefit from vouchers or discounts on Klow. We have chosen to encourage and reward clothing recycling, because for us it is essential to support positive ecological initiatives. We want Klow to be part of a circular economy that supports change on many levels.

A simple and efficient solution to recycle your clothes with Klow x Redonner. Simply create an account by clicking on "Make a donation", find the partner collection point, estimate the weight of your donation and that's it! All you have to do is drop off your clothes at the collection point. A real child's play.

Clothing recycling

5 reasons to recycle your clothes

Today,70% of our clothes end up in the garbage, i.e. nearly 500,000,000 kg per year.

In France, clothing recycling increased from 100,000 tons to 239,000 tons between 2009 and 2018. By 2022, the country plans to increase clothing recycling by 60,000 tons per year, or 300,000 tons. It's an ambitious but achievable goal, with all the means in place to stop throwing away your old clothes. Here are the many benefits of recycling clothes:

1. Protecting the environment

Clothing recycling


1.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases are the negative effects of fashion on the environment. It is one of the most polluting industries in the world... Sadly, its impact is greater than international flights and maritime traffic combined. Making a garment requires a very large amount of energy. As an example, a classic pair of jeans requires between 7,000 and 10,000 litres of water. Each garment goes through a complex manufacturing process that uses large amounts of electricity, water and other energy sources.

Recycling clothing greatly reduces this excessive consumption by eliminating the need to make materials from scratch. A 100% recycled pair of jeans uses 22 litres of water. Recycling clothes provides a raw material that does not cost the planet much. And buying ethical and ecological clothes contributes to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.


2. Reduce the amount of clothing in landfills

Clothing recycling


By recycling clothes, there is a great gain in landfill space. This reduces the risk of harm to the surrounding population and the environment.

11,150 tonnes of textiles were landfilled in 2017. All that used space could have been made viable for better environmental causes.

In addition, the recycling of clothing and other textiles helps to reduce landfill costs for cities. This budget can then be allocated to other needs.

3. Participate in the circular economy and help people in need

Clothing recycling


Today we consume 400% more clothes than our parents did, due to fast fashion and its poor quality. So recycling your clothes helps in many ways. As well as reducing waste, we can enter a circular economy and help those in need. These are the 2 main reasons why people recycle clothes, whether it be for Emmaus, Secours Populaire or the Red Cross. All these clothes are either turned into cash donations to help these organisations, or sold in their own shops, or sent to developing countries.

With Redonner, clothes you've grown tired of can either be recycled or given a second life with people who really need them.


4. Reduce clothing waste

The world's population is increasingly interested in eco-responsible fashion and minimalism. 80 billion tons of clothes are created each year in the world. 4 million tons are thrown away every year in Europe. In recent years, people have been raving about the idea of a minimalist lifestyle. Sorting your wardrobe to keep only pieces you like, and not letting kilos of clothes sleep in your closets is a good resolution to stop buying unnecessarily. Sorting through your wardrobe twice a year allows you to realize what you really need. And not to succumb to impulsive purchases of pieces that we would not need.


5. Reducing greenhouse gases

Clothing made from organic materials such as cotton, linen or wool is biodegradable. However, they cannot decompose properly if they end up in landfills. Indeed, the piling up of these clothes causes a lack of oxygen which considerably slows down their degradation. Without this oxygen, decomposition produces by-products such as methane. This then goes into the atmosphere, reducing the quality of the air. There is nothing like recycling these natural materials to create new pieces.

In addition, other non-organic materials like polyester are made from petroleum and do not degrade well. Disposing of them in landfills only worsens the emission of greenhouse gases.

So, by recycling your clothes with Redonner, you will give a new life to those textiles that cannot be properly degraded.



Being able to recycle clothes with ease

It's particularly easy to recycle clothes these days, and this ease of action also tips the balance between throwing your old clothes in the trash or taking them to a recycling bin. Why not do something for the planet that doesn't require much more effort than putting them in the dumpster?

And the good news is that with the Giving Back initiative, you're really participating in the circular economy. By donating your clothes, you can earn vouchers at Klow and get a contribution towards consuming eco-responsible fashion brands!

Discover our selection of eco-friendly clothes made fromrecycled materials, recycled cotton or Up-cycling!

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