How do we select our brands?

At Klow, we do everything possible to offer you the best of eco-responsible and ethical brands. Because transparency towards you is our number one criterion. All the brands we work with are subject to our strict audit. Our selection criteria are : -Total transparency -Protection of the environment, good waste management and responsible use of natural resources - Fair remuneration and good treatment of craftsmen and employees

Even before the integration of a new brand, we take the time to carry out a complete audit in order to offer you the most transparent and above all the most eco-responsible fashion brands.


How long does our audit take?

Our audits take between 2 weeks and a month per brand. This is the average time it takes brands to provide us with all the information we require. Our sustainable development team then spends time analysing, deciphering and cross-referencing data and material and factory certifications to ensure that the documents provided and production methods are in line with our store values.

At Klow, we offer you eco-responsible fashion clothing and accessories that use eco-friendly materials and promote fair trade.


How do we retrieve this information?

All brands selected and sold on Klow agree to share information about their production methods with us. We categorically refuse to collaborate with brands that do not meet our criteria, lack transparency or are not able to provide the proof we request. In case of doubt, our sustainable development team is in contact with the label organizations to ensure that the information provided by the brands is compliant. The brands also sign a sustainability charter that commits them to the authenticity of the documents provided. 


How do we choose our brands?

 Quality, durable and environmentally friendly materials 

At Klow we choose eco-responsible brands using organic, natural, recycled or up-cycled materials. We make it a point of honour to offer you clothes made with quality and sustainable materials:


  1. Natural and water-saving materials: we prefer linen, hemp, organic cotton or materials from new processes such as those used by the Lenzing company, which is active in waste reduction.

  2. Circular economy and zero waste: products using recycled or up-cycled materials.


All of our brands actively participate in fair trade.

The design of these products must be ethical, respecting the producers of materials, workers and suppliers. Our brands are committed to :


  1. To offer decent working conditions in terms of health and hygiene, not to resort to child labour, and to pay their workers and producers fairly.

  2. Confidence labels and legislation: all the clothes sold on Klow are either produced in Europe, in accordance with European labour law, or can justify "fair trade" labels, provided by private auditing bodies such as the FairWear Foundation or Fair trade for example.


What types of brands do we prefer? Why sell brands that produce far from home?

On Klow, we favour European brands that produce in Europe. However, we have decided to offer for sale brands that produce outside Europe. These brands all justify very good manufacturing processes, both in terms of quality, but also in terms of ethical and ecological values. They comply with the rules and practices of "fair trade"

Promoting fair trade in emerging countries and enabling them to develop in a more ecological way means helping them to get out of precarious situations and respecting our environment all over the world.

At Klow, we want above all to support brands, whether European or not, that respect their employees and aim to reduce their environmental impact. One in six people in the world work in the textile industry...


How to recognize the values of the products sold on Klow?


Our audit allows us to label each of our garments with a Klow legend label.

Because each of us is different and each brand, each garment is unique....

Every garment sold on Klow is "labelled" by our team with a legendary Klow label. They allow you to find your way around and choose the pieces that correspond to your personal values. 

Our commitment and mission at Klow is to sort and give you clear and accurate information to help you make conscious and thoughtful consumer choices. The legendary Klow labels, which you can find on our e-shop, are the following:

Short circuit
Fair Trade
Organic Clothing
Natural clothing
Clothing Vegan
Recycled clothing
Brand CommitmentEngagement social
Made in Europe
Made in France


Our brands are audited every season  

In order to ensure the sustainability of their approach, the brands present on our e-shop are audited each season. If a brand no longer meets our selection criteria, we stop our collaboration.

If it is in a transition phase towards an eco-responsible production, we can also give them our advice on materials or production methods, and then think about putting their new collection online on the Klow e-shop.

Discover our selection of eco-friendly clothes made fromrecycled materials, recycled cotton or Up-cycling!

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