Veja is the most popular brand of eco-friendly sneakers in the world!

Created in 2005 by two Frenchmen, Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, friends since childhood, Veja is one of the pioneering eco-responsible brands in the textile industry.

The vision of its founders is revolutionary, they have since the creation thought to design ecological and ethical sneakers based on values of transparency and traceability of raw materials.

Veja, is committed to making ecological footwear, using raw materials from organic and agro-ecological agriculture, produced in a short circuit in Brazil, the country at the heart of Sébastien and François. They collaborate with the same craftsmen, farmers and manufacturers since their beginning in order to have a positive social impact on the peoples of Amazonia.

It's impossible to imagine Klow without VEJA, with whom we share not only the idea of making sustainability a standard, but also raising awareness about buying eco-responsible clothing. "Sneakers that respect people, produced in dignified conditions, in direct consultation with producers' associations and manufacturers.


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