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Anita sandals Black


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  • Cut: Double-band sandals
  • Fit: Can be worn barefoot, perfect with jeans or a Thinking Mu linen dress.
  • Color: Black 
  • Material: Pinatex, Suede Micro Fiber (Oeko-Tex certified)
  • Made in: Portugal
  • Certifications: Pinatex, Oeko-Tex


The Oeko-Tex label was created in 1992. Its best-known certification is Standard 100, which covers all textile products. The certification covers both raw products and semi-finished and finished products.

The certification also takes into account the processing steps followed by both the product and the materials used in its manufacture. This certification also takes into account both the manufacturing stages and the materials used during manufacture.

The role of the Oeko-Tex label is to check each stage of production of a textile product and to ensure that it does not contain any chemicals that could be harmful to health.

Oeko-Tex - Certifications - Klow

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Eco-responsible materials

At Klow, we focus on the choice of raw materials used by our partner brands in order to offer you the best eco-friendly clothing in our e-shop. We select exclusively ecological materials, from sustainable agriculture or recycling, designed to last, respecting nature and people.

Our commitments

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  • Transparency

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What are labels used for in the textile industry?

On Klow, to select our brands, we set up a transparency audit, which favours the use of organic or fair trade labels. Discover the list of the labels to privilege and how at Klow, we rely on labels to select organic, ethical and responsible clothes sold on our e-shop!

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