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  • Fit: A unisex model that inspires both style and meaning. Recycled and recyclable materials:
  • Material: Linen
  • Color: Khaki 
  • Lining: recycled clothing (cotton and polyester)
  • Sole: Recycled plastic and rubber
  • Leather scraps from leather goods. We pick them up before the pieces are thrown away!
  • Certifications: Not only is it recyclable and, in this sense, represents the conclusive result of a global vision of eco-design, but it is also pleasing for its clean lines. An assembly of harmonious materials to offer a comfortable and durable shoe.




CARUUS is a French brand of eco-responsible sneakers made from recycled and recyclable materials.

At home it Fabriqué en France is not only a label, it allows the team to ensure a close collaboration with the factory and to preserve a French know-how.

Reconciling the world of fashion and the environment to design eco-friendly products is their credo! All their sneakers are also recyclable.


The Caruus Apparel brand produces its eco-friendly sneakers in the factory(ies) below:

Caruus Partner Factory

🇫🇷 France, Europe

The factory is located in Nantes and produces its shoes in a sustainable way with recycled materials.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • Production Fabriqué en France
  • 100% recycled materials
  • 100% natural materials


This product is sent by CARUUS

Eco-responsible materials

At Klow, we focus on the choice of raw materials used by our partner brands in order to offer you the best eco-friendly clothing in our e-shop. We select exclusively ecological materials, from sustainable agriculture or recycling, designed to last, respecting nature and people.

Our commitments

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    We only offer you clothes designed in an sustainable way, in order to help you consume sustainably. Our clothes are made from environmentally friendly materials such as organic, recycled or natural fibres.

  • Ethics

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What are labels used for in the textile industry?

On Klow, to select our brands, we set up a transparency audit, which favours the use of organic or fair trade labels. Discover the list of the labels to privilege and how at Klow, we rely on labels to select organic, ethical and responsible clothes sold on our e-shop!

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