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    This article is sent by Klow, from Paris, FR

  • Color: blue
  • Materials: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Made in: Portugal
  • Certifications: , GOTS
  • Entretien: Lavage à froid, 20° ou 30°

Bask In The Sun

Bask In The Sun is a French eco-responsible clothing brand based on the Basque coast.

Its founders are inspired by the heritage of marine clothing and urban fashion to create their collections of eco-responsible clothing for men.

As a brand in transition towards a more eco-responsible approach, Klow selects exclusively for you Bask in The Sun pieces that use eco-responsible materials, such as organic cotton, and that limit their environmental footprint.

The Bask In The Sun collections are made in Europe, in Portugal in family workshops in the north of Portugal. A short circuit manufacturing, to be as close as possible to the ocean and the roots of the brand.

Bask In The Sun


Created in 2002, it is an international label that applies to organic textiles. The GOTS label is managed and issued by the Global Matière biologique Textile Standard (GOTS).

GOTS was born from four other international labels: theMatière biologique Trade Association, the JOCA, the International Association of Natural Textile Industry and the Japan Matière biologique Coton Association. Two other national labels, the IVN Naturtextil and the Soil Association, were added to the four previous ones.

A textile product with the GOTS label is a product whose manufacture respects ecological standards and the use of organic cotton. The GOTS label also attests to standards of social responsibility. Although it is above all, a guarantee of quality for the product.

GOTS - Certifications - Klow

The Bask in The Sun brand produces its eco-responsible clothing in the factory(ies) below:

Bask in The Sun Partner Plant

🇵🇹 Portugal , Europe

The workshop(s) where Bask in The Sun's clothing collections are made are located in the Norte region of Portugal between the cities of Porto, Guimares and Braga. François the founder of the brand keeps telling us that he will never give us his workshops because the competition is too strong in fashion. Bask in The Sun is a brand for whom quality and product finishes are essential. This quality is recognized by the feel of the products and their durability. Nevertheless, at Klow we make sure that everything is produced ethically and ecologically. The brand has provided us with the certifications and all the necessary information for their integration in our e-shop.

Why does this plant comply with eco-responsible production standards?

  • Minimum respect for the country's minimum wage
  • GOTS Certifications
  • Oeko-Tex certifications
  • Small production volume for better quality
  • Respect for the country's legal working hours
Bask In The Sun - Production - Klow

This article is sent by Klow, from Paris, FR

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