At Klow, we look at our life in a holistic way. Whilst we are aiming to better the world by choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle, we are also aiming to better ourselves.

We believe that one of the best ways to do this is through yoga and meditation to treat our bodies and our minds. But, we also believe that it is through mindfulness of ourselves that we will be better for our environment and those around us.

Yoga and meditation are perfect ways to achieve mindfulness. But in this hectic and busy world we live in, how do we even begin to introduce yoga and meditation into our lives in a lasting and meaningful way? Below we discuss easy ways to address finding the time to become mindful.


But first: Why is mindfulness so important to our health?

The reason that mindfulness is so key to our health is that it is a wonderful way to cope with stress which, in turn, improves the quality of life we lead. Mental health is intrinsically linked to a good quality of life and so, by practicing mindfulness, mental well-being is directly promoted. Through mindfulness and therefore meditation you can relieve a great deal of anxiety that you may be holding on to whilst diminishing any other negative emotions that may be going through your mind. In turn, more positive feelings will abound within and you will naturally feel calmer in the world around you.


Ways to introduce yoga and meditation into our lives to be mindful

Reassuringly, being mindful and taking the first step towards an ethical lifestyle, that includes taking care of ourselves, is easier to do than originally thought. It means really concentrating on what you are doing at any one time, and not trying to think about so many different things at once. A great way to practice being mindful is by taking a walk and thinking of nothing but your surroundings. This will really clear your mind. Once you have this mastered, try to do the same on your commute or in any scenario where you would ordinarily revert to looking on your smartphone. Having a digital detox can really help focus the mind on achieving an inner calm.

Yoga is a wonderful way to practice meditation too. There are many different forms of it, all of which are suitable for beginners as modifications make yoga accessible to all. Take time to find a form that suits you and your body. Yoga is not an event you can win at. It is a journey that you take both your mind and body on to help improve all aspects of your life. It is a great addition to those interested in eco-living and a sustainable lifestyle.

Stretching when you wake up is also an easy addition to your morning routine with beneficial, wider ramifications.      It brings your focus back to your body and on how it feels. It also wakes the body up and sends energy to your muscles. This is also a recommended way to finish any yoga practice. Bringing awareness to your body and how it feels after an hour of physical exertion is central to the yogic way of life. Focusing on reconnecting with your body and ensuring that the body is healthy and strong is key. Yoga should not be practiced with attaining a dream figure in mind. It is bigger than that and can help body confidence by being thankful for what we do have, not what we don’t.

Other small ways to introduce meditation into your life is to practice yogic breathing whilst in bed - either before you go to sleep or just after you wake up. Either way will help bring you a feeling of serenity. This will either help you have a more restful sleep or give you a clear head to start your day.

 It’s also important to realize that meditation does not have to be carried out in a silent, dark room with candles lit and incense burning. The end result from meditation is to rest the mind - if a room with a radio blaring helps you do this by making you dance around and forget your worries, then that is the form of meditation for you. Above all, the most fundamental point to remember is: it is important to find a form of meditation and yoga that works for you. That makes you feel better from within whilst bettering your body through gentle exercise. That makes you thankful to be given the body you have.


The wider impact of meditation and yoga

This is why meditation and yoga are indispensable additions to our lives. We, at Klow, want to be happy with what has been given and reduce our want for material goods that can have negative effects on the environment. This is central to what we are trying to achieve. We believe that meditation and yoga are helpful parts in trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle that is an ethical lifestyle too.

The phrase namaste is said at the end of all yoga practices - it means ‘my soul honors your soul’, which summarized succinctly why yoga and meditation are so important to us. By respecting our souls, and respecting others, we will then respect our wider world and no longer take it for granted. This is when we will see the most positive change in our lives and the world around us. When we work together to be kinder to our souls, bodies, and environment. As a community, Klow, therefore, does not underestimate the power of clearing our minds through the use of meditation and yoga.


We would love to hear how our readers do the same.



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