Conscious Christmas presents - A sustainable gift list ideas

Christmas is almost around the corner. The holidays of friends, family, love and why not sustainability this year? Finding the right gifts for your loved ones while still being ethical and eco-friendly might look like a hard task. So, we've selected some sustainable and ecological gifts for different kinds of persons. Are you looking for a present for your ocean lover surfer friend or your brother who loves traveling, in a more conscious way, maybe your cousin is vegan? Or just, you would love to share your values for an ethical Christmas? Below you can find some great sustainable and ethical presents you would love to give and receive.


Gifts for: The eco self-care lover



For the eco self-care lover, you could buy some eco skin care, for example, this mermaid box from EQ. The ideal box to shine and reveal your natural beauty. A tribute to the mermaid in you. Inspired by the surfing lifestyle, EQ is seeking innovation to improve its permanent search for wellbeing. The products are made-in-France and with respectful materials for the environment. 



Another great gift could be a visit to an eco-friendly beauty salon for example or an ayurvedic massage. An ayurvedic massage treats not just the body, but also the nervous system brings deep nourishment to all the cells and tissues as well as the mind. An amazing massage for someone who is into self-care.



And of course, incense sticks. These ones from EQ will remind you calm summer day. If you are looking for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, Maldives incense will instantly transport you to this.


Gifts for the traveler



This sustainable backpack from Sandqvist is perfect for someone who loves traveling. It has much space for all your travel gear, it’s durable because of the good quality and eco-friendly and produced ethically of course. Made from Cordura® EcoMade polyester and recycled polyester.


Another thing to give someone who loves traveling is a conscious travel trip. Book a trip on a website for eco-friendly and ethical traveling. Like responsible travel, for example, this is a great website to find eco-lodges and eco-friendly holidays. Go on a conscious adventure together!

A book/books about traveling or wildlife would be great to give to a traveler. A paper book is maybe a bit unpractical if you want to take more books on your holiday. Instead of a paper book, you can give an e-book which they can read on their e-reader or on their phone.



Gifts for: The Zerowaster


For the zero waster recycled items are perfect. For men, for example, this sustainable Angus overshirt from KOI made from recycled fabric. Or this urban look recycled jacket from ARMEDANGELS, made from recycled plastic bottles. These items reduce the waste from the fashion industry!


For women the items for Les Récupérables are perfect. All items are made from upcycled fabric from fabric waste. So the fabrics won’t go to waste and end up in landfills. This skirt is made from upcycled wool and upcycled polyacrylic. 



Another option is this zero waste dress form SKFK.

It’s made from 93% organic cotton and 7% elastane. It has one unique size. It confronts the 10-15% industry standard for leftovers. Every piece is designed to use 100% of the fabric roll. So it’s literally produced with zero waste.



Gifts for: the surfer




These are some great gifts to give to your surfer friend.

These EQ earplugs are 100% water- and windproof.

They have an innovative design with a medical silicone membrane. The breathable and waterproof Sympatex® membrane maintains the hearing and balance capacities of the user.



This incense holder with 2 incense sticks is also great for a surf lover. The scent takes you back to the summer and the waves instantly. They are packaged in a longboard shaped incense holder, a great gift right?


Gifts for: The Vegan 


Sometimes it might look hard to find something for someone who’s vegan. But actually, there are many options. You can take them to a vegan restaurant, for example, pretty sure every vegan person would love that! :)

Or you could give them a vegan and eco—friendly product like this sweater from Rakha. It looks super wool-ish and warm, but is actually made from organic cotton! 


Or these shoes from Nae vegan shoes, made from Pet fabric from recycled bottles. They are sustainable, fairly produced, great to combine and of course vegan!

Another great gift could be this statement tee from Dedicated for the vegan animal activist, made from organic which is produced organically! On our website, you can find many more vegan products, discover them here.


Gifts for: minimalist


Minimalistic people mostly don’t want to own a lot of things. The best thing to give a minimalist would be something to do together, experiences are the best gifts! You could get together for something like a coffee or lunch.


Are they building a capsule wardrobe and you know they want an item that they don’t have in their closet yet? Buy a sustainable fashion piece, like this bracelet from ARTICLE22 made from scrap metals from bombs from the secret war in Laos. Or a bag from O My Bag, A great sustainable and basic piece for your capsule wardrobe, you’ll be able to love for years.



We hope you found some inspiration what to gift to your loved ones while taking your values into account. Find some more tips for a sustainable Christmas (gifts, wrapping paper) here.  We wish you a happy and conscious Christmas! 



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