At Klow, sustainability is part of our lifestyle and we think it should become a standard.

Sustainability is something that describes who we are. We focus on it, in every decision we make, in every single day and you know what? In the end, with this goal in mind, it helps us become a better human being.


Today, our team would like to share some sustainable menswear inspiration with you. Sustainable fashion is a big topic right now and the question we’re all asking is how can we stop polluting the earth that much with our clothes? The answer we got is very basic, we should start betting on products that are durable in terms of quality and design. 

Being sustainable is also stopping following the trends, purchasing outfits that are good for the planet, people and items we can combine together, so we buy less. Hopefully, we will be able to keep them for a decade.


Ecological Fibers and Ethical Production 

All the products that are featured in this selection are made with ecological fibers, such as organic cotton, recycled wool or recycled polyester. The materials are not harmful to the environment and on top of that, all the brands that are featured in the selection take human rights very seriously. The supply chain is transparent and the brands produce in ethical factories.


Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Men #1  - Casual 

These simple basics make a casual classy outfit together. These items are durable, because of the good quality. The jeans and the T-shirt are made from cotton which is organically produced. The Nae Vegan shoes are made from recycled PET-bottles and are PETA approved vegan. A cool environmental outfit and a perfect set of items to add to your sustainable capsule wardrobe! 



Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Men #2 - Preppy Casual

This outfit is perfect for something smart casual. Black jeans are a perfect basic for every outfit. Also, the shirt and the sweatshirt can be worn separately as well as together.  classy business look, which gets a more urban and casual touch wearing some fairtrade and ecological VEJA sneakers



Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Men #3 - Urban

These items are perfect basics as well. A cool T-shirt with a print gives the outfit a streetwear look. Dark blue jeans made from organic and recycled cotton are a must for your sustainable wardrobe as well. Finished with sustainable Veja sneakers, which you will be able to wear with a lot of different outfits!




Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Men #4 - City Modern

This outfit is simple, yet stylish. A real streetwear, urban kind of look. With this loose shirt and organic cotton black slim fit jeans, you can hardly go wrong. Perfect basics for your slow fashion wardrobe.



Sustainable Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration Men #5 - Vintage Inspired

This outfit is a good outfit for daytime as well as for the evening. The outfit consists of a basic white Organic cotton t-shirt from Dedicated, black jeans and a recycled jacket made in Wool. A perfect add-on to keep you warm during winter. If you also think that sustainability should become a standard to your lifestyle, adopting ecological and ethical fashion is a great way to start. And as you can see from this outfit, sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be old-fashioned at all. It can be casual, easy and comfortable. 



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