How to give presents the sustainable way!  

It’s nice to share your values with the people you love. Giving presents is something personal and of course, you want it to be meaningful. So how can you give gifts which your loved ones will enjoy while still being true to your own values?


  • Quality over quantity! Rather give someone a durable gift from a great quality than a few items of with a poor quality, that won’t last.

  • Buy locally produced goods from local businesses and artists, made from sustainable materials like wood, bamboo or recycled materials.

  • Give them a gift card from your favorite sustainable or local shop. For example: a Klow gift card 

  • Give something homemade, like homemade cookies made from natural ingredients

  • Give your presents wrapped in eco-friendly wrapping paper. There are so many creative ways to decorate and wrap your presents. See the video below for some great ideas how to wrap your gifts the sustainable way!


    On Klow, you can shop by values: do you want products which are ethical, organic, recycled, social, vegan, made in Europe and/or in France, you can find it all on Klow!



     Give your loved ones a meaningful present this year and share your values! 



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