Margot & Julian from the Bloomers promote sustainable and conscious fashion and lifestyle on their blog and Instagram.
Their mission is to inspire people to build a lifestyle that is more conscious, respectful for the people and the environment.  
In their articles, they present ethical and sustainable clothing brands as well as sustainable alternatives that will allow you to change your consumption habits bit by bit.
This is part 2 of the interview with Margot and Julian. You can find part 1 here  
Klow meets Bloomers
Margot shopping zero waste in a bulk store
What is your aim with Bloomers, what do you want to achieve?
Margot & Julian:
Bloomers is a platform to communicate about sustainable fashion and lifestyle in a creative and appealing way. We strive to make it inspiring and desirable, and we also put out useful information, whether that comes out in the form of a blog post about an interesting and beautiful clothing brand or an article about our eco-lifestyle habits.
The idea is to give power to people through information and choice by awakening consciousness.
We both studied “science of communication” in a context of capitalism and mass consumerism. We think our generation is more aware of the disaster this system brings, and our idea is to integrate a sense of balance into that system. We think the system could in theory work if humans treated other humans and their environment with respect, fairness and good ethics. 
Klow and Bloomers
You are based in France now, before you’ve lived in Lisbon, Spain, UK, Asia. You’re true digital nomads. Do you see/have you seen positive changes in terms of sustainability in these places (and do you have examples?)
Margot & Julian:
We see far more change at our scale, yours (the interviewer, the reader) and ours. We see far more change through movements and iniatives like Bloomers or Klow, individuals or small groups of people or companies pushing boundaries to create a more sustainable future. I want to say that governments are picking up on it, but we can’t be sure of that ‘till we actually see it happen.
On the other hand, more and more people are talking about sustainability or the circular economy now, whereas three years ago, the terms had barely been pinned (despite the talk about climate change for decades).
Klow - Julian Bloomers
Julian wearing the Nae Vegan Shoes Recycled Pet Sneakers Grey. Shop our collection here  
Do you have someone (or something) that inspires you to live this way?
Julian: First of all, Margot inspires me to live this way, and the idea of building a family, which could live in a “greener” future.
I’m also interested and inspired by people’s imagination, ingenuity, or by things like technology development, and how that can be re-thought into building a more sustainable future.
Klow - Margot Bloomers
Margot wearing the Les Récupérables Kiplisse Wool Skirt in Old Pink, Shop it here
Could you give us some beginner tips to start living and consuming consciously? And what do you want to say to people who think it’s too hard, or useless to start adopting a more sustainable lifestyle?
One tip to give: start slowly and change one easy thing until you build a habit.
Since I was a kid, I’ve always told myself that I want to be a person (in everyday life as well as long-term goals) who if everyone was like that person, then the world would be wonderful, and full of generosity and prosperity. Obviously, that’s impossible and stupid because we need diversity and different perspectives on all things, and also because like all of us, I’m full of flaws, but I think it is a great perspective and goal to set and to live by. 
Below a video from the Bloomers that can help you start zero waste (grocery) shopping (French)
We think Margot & Julian are a very good inspiration if we look at how to live more sustainable and ethical. As you can see there are many steps you can take even if they are just little ones they can help a lot and like Julian said: You don't have to change everything at once, just start slowly! 

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