Today, Klow receives Lucie from the blog In this open post, she shares with us her tips to adopt a natural beauty and zero waste lifestyle.


“Hello, today, I would like to give you my tips to take care of myself every day and to introduce you with my eco-conscious beauty routine.


My name is Lucie Lebas, I’m the founder of the blog lucieminimalise.Since December 2017, I share my philosophy of owning less but better. I’m not a radical minimalist person, I like fashion and I promote the art of living with the essentials.


Although I don’t put so much make-up on, I like to have a soft skin and a radiant face. Here are my tips to have a perfect skin without taking to much space in your bathroom.


Being minimalist doesn’t mean being an environmental activist or having a total zero-waste lifestyle. The concept of minimalism tends towards this, but it is normal if you end up using plastic or non-organic products. The most important is to try and to select what works the most for you, without feeling guilty.


In the shower:

My castor oil and my solid moisturizing shampoo


I use my solid shampoo for my long, curly hair. Before, I had to take care of my hair for at least 1h30 once a week to keep them untangled and clean.


Now, I wash my mane with the Lush moisturizing shampoo after detangling. No need for a conditioner or a mask. I apply a few times a week some organic castor oil. For the body, I use my solid soap Movis with wholegrain from Lush.


I’m aware of the divergent opinions regarding Lush. You should know that the products I use are vegan. After boycotting them for a long time, I’m satisfied with these two products not tested on animals and zero waste.


My deodorant, body soap and day cream

To hydrate my body:


In the shower, I use a horsehair glove once a week. Once the skin is clean and dry, I apply a dry oil. Mine is Jardin de l’Aube beauty oil from KOS. It is perfect in winter to avoid crocodile skin, and in summer to nourish it after a prolonged exposure to the sun.


In the morning:


Every morning, I use my organic beauty day cream from Mediterranea. It is certified ecocert and made of edelweiss flowers, aloe vera and sesame oil. I have a dry skin and I’m very satisfied with its effectiveness.


My deodorant also comes from Lush. It is a great product! I was very surprised by its effectiveness because I had a hard time finding a deodorant that suited me. That is to say no smell and a little sweating. It’s the solid deodorant Aromaco.


My horsehair glove that I have owned for 6 years

To remove my make-up:


Did you know that you can completely remove make-up from your face with natural vegetable oil? This is what I do with my organic sweet almond oil and a washable cotton. Everything goes away, even recalcitrant mascara. The oil gently melts the make-up.


For those who wear make-up every day, I recommend owning about twenty washable make-up removal discs.


My dry body oil and washable make-up removal discs


I opted for a simple routine that does not harm my skin. A few years ago, I owned every cream you could think of, my budget was very much affected by cosmetics. Today, I enjoy seeing these products in my bathroom and especially knowing that I use them all and that they make me feel good.


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