is born because we wanted to consume better fashion. Gaetan and I are both committed consumers. Klow is the perfect match between style and strong values, because for us fashion is made to be worn. We want to feel good in our clothes. We want them beautiful, aesthetics… But we do not want to compromise our ethics or the environment. In 2019, it’s impossible to close our eyes on that…

We are glad to see we're not the only one that are asking more question and requesting more transparency. We’re millions of consumers that want to change things, the world around us is changing.

Klow is a small player that invite us to question ourselves and bring a solution to a big issue. Fashion industry is one of the top polluting industries in the world, we need to see positive alternatives to help us consume better and more responsibly.

At Klow, we want to be positive, encourage the discussion and people in their new way of consumption. We want to help people around us to find the garments that fits their values. Our goal is to bring back a human dimension, local production and environment in the center. Because we’re truly convinced what help us feel better as human being is to be aligned with our very own values.

A tragedy like Rana Plaza in Bangladesh brings the light to the dark backroom of the textile industry. It has been 6 years since it happens and we’re glad to see more and more brands being engaged with a change that include more ethics and better sustainable behaviors. Our only way to respect the memories of these men and women that sacrifices their life, behind their own desire is to draw the right conclusion of the past mistakes. And bring the change. " - Isma



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