We're entering a new decade where future of fashion means : sustainable fashion. Here are 5 easy steps to embrace sustainable fashion.

Remember when “the thing” was to mix high fashion brands with fast fashion pieces? Remember the days when a certain socialite dominated the pages of Vogue, Elle, Harper’s, and L’Officiel with outfit dissections and “Get the Look” guides, juicy made-easy ready-to-copy manuals, which offered similar options and prices so that anyone could dress like her. The sweet times of the Fashion Victims.

Times have changed, or better, consciousness has arrived and we don’t have to be Fashion Victims any longer. There is an alternative to every polluting gas emission, every gallon of water wasted, every polyester-filled landfill, every animal treated cruelly, every laborer exploited by another human being, every blue/pink/red/yellow river.

There is a better way and it’s easier than you think. Here is the non-mutually exclusive Sustainable Fashion Ranking


1 - Go naked

Quite limited to tropical, paradisiacal locations where the laws of freedom rule and the climate allows you to avoid freezing off your behind.


2 - Reuse – have you worn every piece in your wardrobe at least 30 times?

If not, try the #30wears challenge! Take a look at your wardrobe and asses what you already have. How many of the same tee or pants do you really need? And did you remember that you owned that dress?


    3 - Exchange – think of it as a flea market in your friend’s closet!

    Or if they are a bit possessive with their clothes, there is always somebody out there willing to trade. The app Lablaco allows you to swap pieces with people in your city or in any other location.


    4 - Hunt – vintage treasures and thrifted pieces

    They are unique finds that tend to take a special place in your heart #lovedclotheslast .


    5 - Buy sustainable – Buying less but better, timeless, well-fitted high-quality pieces

     That will keep your mind and body at peace knowing your impact and footprint is for good. Clothes with a purpose have a greater value than their price tag. (Want to buy ethical & sustainable ? - On Klow E-Shop you'll find ecological products fairly made, without sacrificing your style & emptying your wallet)


    Take Care of your clothes during laundry

    The best way to adopt a sustainable fashion consumption is to start by taking care of the clothes we already have. We need to be careful while during our laundry to respect the fabric. If we take care of our wardrobe carefully it will be easier to sell them at second hand events or to even swap it with our friends. 

        And above all, make your clothes last. Take care of your clothes.

          Join the change-making new trend of mixing vintage high fashion with sustainable and fair fashion pieces. No more fashion victims, let's our creativity speak and let's be proud of who we're in our diversity and our values.


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