Top 5 Inspiring Blogs That Bring Awareness To Sustainable Fashion & Ethical Living

The slow fashion and sustainable living movement have come a long way. It is no longer a hippie fad or an abstract idea—millions of people are jumping onto the bandwagon and are earnestly seeking new and practical ways to live ethically especially where lifestyle choices such as clothing are concerned. These 5 immensely popular bloggers are testimony that slow fashion and eco-living starts with you and I and is entirely possible.

  • Closet Confessional

Dana, a personal stylist, and author behind the Closet Confessional blog is a self-confessed fashion addict. Even then, her blog offers simple and practical insights accompanied by beautiful pictures on how to consciously pick your fashion accessories, simplify your closet and still be extremely fashionable. In her own words, Dana recommends choosing ‘longevity over trends’ because after all fashion is not just about clothes; it is about the stories behind those clothes. From stunning images of vintage fair trade clothing to tips on resale shopping, Closet Confessional is worth checking out.

  • Style Bee

Style Bee is Lee Vosburgh’s creation and is a welcoming home for any fashion enthusiasts who geek out over clean lines, minimalist designs and ethical clothing. Lee said she started her blog to inspire others to be thoughtful about every purchase. Slow fashion is all about creating a lean closet that rounds down your clothing items to just a few must-have pieces to avoid waste. Lee recommends ethical fashion brands and showcases some of her stunning fashion finds in her many curated photo galleries.

  • Sustainable Edit

Jen Brownlie founded Sustainable Edit in 2014 as a conventional, fast-fashion blogger. Her views changed a year later and today she shares practical ideas on building a capsule wardrobe and seeks to push the idea that less can be more especially when it comes to fashion. In addition to giving tips on creating a capsule wardrobe, Jen’s blog is also a wonderful place to discover sustainable clothing brands and easy ways to incorporate ethical fashion pieces into your wardrobe. In 2016, The Sustainable Edit was among the top 50 most inspirational blogs in the Go Slow Awards.

  • Anuschka Rees

Anuschka Rees is a writer living in Berlin and on her blog she dishes advice on how and where to shop for high-quality pieces that reflect your personal style as opposed to the latest fashion trends. Anuschka is also the author of the Curated Closet, which was published in September 2016. This blog is a great place to start for anyone who is just getting started with ethical and sustainable living or what Anuschka calls intentional fashion. If you are looking for regular inspiration on things like colour mixing for your capsule wardrobe, you need to bookmark this blog.

  • Michelle For Good

Michelle For Good, founded by Michelle is more than just another fashion blog. In her own words, she began the blog as a reference point for those who “want to join the conscious capitalism movement.” Here, you will find everything from sustainable living tips, ethical fashion finds, educational articles on eco-living and consumer trends, recommendations on local vegan brands, and amazing deals on sustainable fashion pieces.

There are many more fantastic blogs on slow fashion and sustainable lifestyle so feel free to expand your horizon beyond our favorite five blogs mentioned here.

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