Top 5 Podcasts on Ethical Living & Slow Fashion

Interested in ethical living and slow fashion? Why not have a listen on these witty, fun, educational and inspirational podcasts?

Wardrobe crisis podcast klow
  • Wardrobe Crisis

Clare Press is the author of the book Wardrobe Crisis: How Wardrobe Crisis: How We Went From Sunday Best to Fast Fashion and the host of the super popular podcast Wardrobe Crisis. Clare is definitely a trendsetter in the eco-conscious fashion movement and her podcasts are entirely focused on analysing the deeper issues in the fashion industry. If you want to learn about consumerism, sustainability, ethical fashion brands and how these fit into the fashion industry’s rubric of creativity, design and artistic work, the Wardrobe Crisis will help you to understand how the fast-fashion industry works.




  • Spirit of 608

Veteran fashion journalist Lorraine Sanders hosts the Spirit of 608, a podcast series focused on the influence of women trendsetters in fashion and related fields including business, tech and environmental sustainability. You should listen to the weekly episodes for insights into ethical fashion and the business side of it. You will hear first-hand from designers and business owners who are getting it right with their sustainable fashion brands as well as the challenges they undergo and how they overcome these challenges.



Slow Your Home Podcast
  • The Slow Home

This podcast by Brooke McAlary is a bit different from the rest in that it isn’t all about fashion rather it is more about intentional living, which is an aspect of sustainable and ethical living if you think about it. Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle is not always easy but this down-to-earth, funny and thoughtful podcast featuring numerous interviews will give insights on how to start living a simple, eco-conscious and intentional life. You will find a wide range of topics here from meditation to forming healthful habits that help you really de-clutter and decompress your life if you want to make the shift from fast-living to slow-living and indeed, living with less. 



  • Conscious Chatter

If you typically geek out over all things ethical fashion, the Conscious Chatter will probably impress you a lot. Hosted by Kestrel Jenkins, this podcast is packed with episodes covering everything from international supply chains, ethical design and production, style and slow fashion.

Through hosting interviews with industry thought-leaders, Kestrel seeks to address pressing issues in the fashion industry such as the working conditions of the people who make our clothes, the materials our clothes are made from and the countries where these clothes are made.



  • Low Tox Life

The popular Low Tox Life podcast by Alexx Stuart is not entirely about fashion but the fundamental message in each episode is how to live your life in a way that makes the least impact on the environment. So while you will come across some episodes on ethical fashion and the business challenges therein, there’s also a lot of insight to be gained on topics such as recycling and reusing, adopting a capsule wardrobe, recommendations on vegan stores, making ethical food choices and more.

Whether you are on vacation or commuting to work, listening to good podcasts is always a great way to fill those idle moments and to get up to speed with your favourite topics. So we advise you to waste no more time and enjoy this podcast.



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