Eco-friendly style ideas: How to get inspiration from vintage style ?


The 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Decades with great fashion styles. Sometimes you might think, everything we wear is new and trendy. But as a matter of fact, it has been all inspired by fashion from back in the days. In these times we knew many style icons, whose styles we still love today.


Some items just never go out of style. In this article, we let ourselves get inspired by famous actresses, singers, and icons from the late 1900s. These vintage look outfits are still stylish and very suitable for everyday outfits. Below we selected items for you so you can recreate those iconic looks with sustainable and ethical fashion pieces. With this, we want to show that fashion is not just a matter of trends. Everybody can be stylish with the right durable and basic pieces. We want to illustrate that the styles from a while back and today have barely changed. So it's good to bet on products that are durable because they will probably never go out of style and you can keep them and love them so much longer!

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Winona Ryder and Pat Cleveland 80's - Boyfriend Jeans + Graphic Tee


Boyfriend jeans in combination with a graphic tee are our favorite! This simple outfit, with a funny touch, will never be wrong. Get inspired by Winona Ryder and Pat Cleveland who wore this look in the 80’s. The boyfriend jeans from ARMEDANGELS are perfect to recreate this look. Add a funny printed tee like this dogue tee from Dedicated, made from cotton which is produced organically.  Combine it with a cardigan, as Pat did. For example this warm and cozy cardigan from ARMEDANGELS cardigan made from organic cotton. 

We think this look will never out of style. 



1. Dedicated Organic Cotton Mysen Frenchie T-shirt | Available Here 

2. ARMEDANGELS Organic Cotton Caja Boyfriend Jeans | Available Here




vintage insipration style



Brooke Shields & Jane Birkin 80's & 60's - Plaid Print Blazer


Brooke Shields and Jane Birkin. Two style icons of the 80's & 60’s. Both have a sophisticated look  This classy style never goes out of fashion. It was cool in the 60's, in the 80's and it still is now in 2018! This outfit consists of a plaid print Blazer made from upcycled fabrics, which gives something extra to a basic outfit. A white shirt from ALFA, which is a perfect basic to have in your sustainable wardrobe. It's made from Tencel; a very environmental friendly fabric. Combine it with black jeans, like these from Kings of Indigo, made from organic cotton to get this classy and sophisticated look with a vintage vibe!



1. Alfa Upcycled Fabric Milla Blazer Plaid Print | Available Here

2. Alfa Tencel Lea Shirt White | Available Here

3. KOI Organic Cotton Juno Jeans Black Rinse | Available Here 




vintage insipration style


Françoise Hardy 60's - White on white 


This look Françoise Hardy was wearing in the 60’s in Paris is an all-timer. It’s easy, comfortable, but yet stylish. Who said white on white couldn’t look good? Françoise proved the opposite. These white jeans with a white statement tee look great! Get this look with these sustainable and ethically produced jeans from Kings of Indigo made from 100% organic cotton and a statement tee, like the feminista tee from Dedicated. 


1. Dedicated Organic Cotton Tee Mysen Feminista White | Available Here

2. Kings of Indigo Organic Cotton Jeans White | Available Here




As you can see there are many options to create these great vintage styles with sustainable and ethical, durable items!
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