About our brands

about klow brands

Our Mission is to find nice brands with great values and to gather them in our online boutique!

By carefully selecting partners that are change makers in the industry, we are building a community of brands and people that support transparency, ethical behaviors & care about the environment.

We team-up with sustainable brands that change practices and all together we share the mission to bring ecological & ethical practices as a standard in the textile industry.

Sustainable brands selection

For each product, our sustainability department do a complete audit of the brand and all the materials / production process. We ask for full transparency from our partner to know the composition, the materials, the location of manufacturing, the way of production, the fabrication process and on the top of that how garments workers & employee are treated. We only work with brand that are transparent, if any information are missing we do not select the brand / product.

Ecological Materials
Every selected items is made with ecological materials such as natural fibres (organic cotton, Tencel, hemp...) or derived from recycling and Up-cycling materials(  Up-cycling = « Recycling from the Bottom to the top » : to create premium materials from waste products.)