About Klow

about klow

Find the best sustainable & ethical fashion brands

On Klow you only shop modern, durable and sustainable products,
not harmful for the environment, our health, and following ethical behaviors
that empower and respect the workers.


Our mission?
To bring sustainability as a standard.

Our mission is to create awareness and promote a new way of consumption in Europe.
All of the products you can find on our e-shop combine these 3 main values:


Join the futur of fashion...


We make no sacrifice between aesthetics & ethics

We promote creative, durable and timeless fashion products made with commitment.
We carefully select partners that are change makers.
Altogether, we’re the change of the fashion industry.


Stand for your values

"I want to look good,
feel good and do good,
and that, to me, is luxury."

- Emma Watson

Each of our garments is different, make sure to read their complete descriptions in their product pages and check their legends to see if that suit your values.

Products that are produced ethically, craftsmen & workers have received a fair salary during all the supply chain

Products that support social organization, a part of the revenue generated by the sale of these products create awareness and benefit help local people in needs through non-governmental organizations

Products made through the recycling process, usually made out of old fashion garments.

Products made out of organic fabrics, without any synthetic or chemical use. These products come directly from nature and have not been genetically modified during the process

These products are animals cruelty-free. They are produced without any use of animals

Made in Europe
Products that have been made in Europe

Made in France
Products that have been made in France



We stand for the planet


On Klow e-shop, 100% of the fibers we select are strictly ecological materials such as recycled fibers, vegetable fibers or natural fibers such as organic cotton, Tencel, Linen, Hemp…

90% of the cotton used in “normal” fashion is now genetically modified*, this is a huge issue for our health and our lands, synthetic fibers are polluting our oceans… 
At Klow, we don’t want to wait any longer to change our way of consumption, we have decided to take the lead and make the change now!


We the people

Who said the environment is more important than the human right?
In our point of view, no one should ever make you choose between one or another.

We only work with brands that take responsibility and commit to ethical behaviors all along their supply chain.

Our brands care about their workers as much as they do on reducing their carbon footprint.

At Klow we make sure that all the products we select on our e-shop respect the European Legislation regarding the workers (Made in Europe) or commit to having fair trade certification and labels.

Read more about our brands' commitment & how do we select them


Transparency for more sustainability

For us transparency is the only way to lead to better choices.
It’s why here you’ll always have clear information about the origin of each product and we avoid any partners that refuse to be completely transparent with us.


Our devotion comes from nature,
our inspiration comes from people



We also organize events that help to bring awareness to the preservation of our environment.


Closing the loop

Our packaging is eco-friendly 
& highly made of recycled materials.

Don't forget to recycle or reuse it.

Our carrier partners are engaged
in reducing their environmental impact.

We try to give you as much information as we can to avoid unnecessary returns.

Any question?
Drop us a line at customercare@klow.co

“Commitment is what you give no matter what you get back, and this is where change begins.”
Isma & Gaetan – Klow's Founders.

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