A few words from our founders

Before creating Klow, we had already been - for a couple years - mindful of the way we were choosing our clothes. As consumers, we started looking for fashion brands that met our expectations in terms of ethics and style.


Looking for sustainable fashion alternative

At first, we were shopping primarily vintage clothes -which is indeed the most sustainable option-, but soon we felt the need to bring innovation to our sustainable lifestyle, and we began looking for brands that were committed to making clothes in a sustainable way without compromising style and aesthetics. 

We know it can get frustrating to find these brands. Today too many are claiming to be sustainable and it’s not always easy to pinpoint the ones that are really being thorough with their production process and the ones that are mainly using the current general interest towards the environment as a marketing tool to surf on the trend. It is by doing this research work that the idea of creating Klow appeared to us as an evidence. 

We dreamed of a sustainable store that could help us make the right decision

 A platform that would answer the questions, we, as consumers ask ourselves when we are looking for beautiful, sustainable and eco-friendly clothes:

Which brands to choose? What does sustainable production really mean? Biological materials, yes, but which ones? Where to find brands that also match our style and taste?

We had been dreaming of a sincere and transparent e-shop solution. An intermediary between brands and consumers that would pre-select fashion brands based on their real environmental commitments.
The solution did not exist yet, so we decided to launch Klow in order to democratize sustainable and eco-responsible fashion.

Klow is a sustainable fashion curator that selects the most beautiful ecological brands

Our concept is to help you find and choose the clothes that fit your values and tastes. We are fighting the green-washing trend and its lack of transparency by presenting only what we consider to be truly dedicated brands. We select and filter brands based on environmental and ethical criteria to help you find sustainable fashion brands you can relate too.

Of course, as a fashion boutique, style is also for us an essential selection criterion.

We're a community of change makers commited to bring a positive impact

Klow is more than just an e-shop, it is also a tight community of change-makers and a media-aspiring platform that also has the mission to guide, inform, and give visibility to brands and creators who are actively participating in changing the fashion industry for the better by reconciling the art of fashion with an unshakeable respect for the environment.

We always love to hear from you, so feel free to drop us a note and say hello

If you are new to sustainable fashion...

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